Caravan Clan (Update)

It's been a little more than two years since the Caravan Clan short story was released.
Although it's still an incomplete story; I am happy to announce a small update to Ariko and Khuwonon's adventure.
This update takes place after the Mirk incident, so in essence it skips over that section because it has yet to be written.
This is laying ground for the completion of the Caravan Clan and, since my mind works out of order, I felt it was best to write something and have it posted.
This short story is around 75-80% complete within my head.
Unfortunately it takes me a long time to complete something do to something we all call life and slave labor jobs just to survive in today's B.S. filled world.

Enjoy the new installment, albeit short, of the Caravan Clan.

- GEIST von PA